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Presentation Skills Training to Deliver Superior Presentations

Do your people speak to small or large groups?

     Is the message important to their success?

     Is the investment of time, money and effort significant?

     Are the brand image and corporate message on display?

Do you want to see better results from their presentations?

Imagine if their presentations were…

You can help them improve their presentation skills with the appropriate training or coaching. Imagine the difference that more effective presentations can make for your…

Train your sales team because better sales presentations sharpen the competitive edge.

Train your executives because better presentations from executives convey more desirable leadership qualities.

Train your managers because better presentations from managers produce more clarity when speaking to staff, suppliers and management.

Train your accountants because better presentations from accountants are more convincing and reassuring.

Train your engineers because better presentations from engineers and technical experts enhance understanding and contribute to project success.

Train your professionals because better presentations from professionals boost confidence and improve communication results.

We can design and deliver a presentation skills program that addresses their most relevant and specific needs. That means that you’ll see immediate improvements in their confidence and delivery

We follow a process that provides pre and post training engagement. That means that their new skills stick

And we give them tools that allow them to continue to grow.

Who or What is the Competition?

Every time you speak, you compete for the attention, trust and influence of your audience. Your competition might be an alternative supplier or another presenter. Most often, the toughest competition is from the swarm of distractions within the mind of your listener (if they’re still listening).


Everyone Communicates but…

Some are better than others. Why? Because communication is more science than art. It’s the skilled use of relevant techniques based on principles. When done well, a Superior Presentation can feel and look like art.

Imagine the difference when your people…

Deliver Superior Presentations

…because Inferior Never Wins

Superior Presentation Skills Results

You probably know that effective presentations are the result of Superior Presentation skills. Public speaking or presenting isn’t a natural born talent. Some people are more willing to speak than others. That might be the difference between introverts and extroverts.

There are those who seem to be better presenters but can’t explain what they do. That could be the result of cultural, family or circumstantial influences. Unfortunately, this group is undependable because they tend to wing it. They fail to follow a systematic process for presentation success. You never know what they’ll do.

Systematic Training Approach

  • Do you want your presenters to follow a proven system of presentation success?

  • Do you want to see significant improvements quickly?

  • Do you want the skills to stick long after the training workshop?

Help Your People Become Better Presenters

  • Do you have a group of people with various levels of “present-ability”?

  • Do you want to help all of them improve their presentations?

  • Do you want them to benefit from the synergy of group training?

Imagine results and experience like this…

“Your work with our Directors was just what we wanted and I appreciated that fact that you used your extensive knowledge and skills in a coaching style delivery.”

Carol Ford, Training and Development Specialist, Bombardier Aerospace

“You provided valuable content, entertained us, and demonstrated both a clear understanding and humility for the science and art of presentation skills.”

Paul Bates, Dean. DeGroote School of Business

And what did individual participants gain?

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The Learning Experience

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