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Presentation Pearls

Practical Tips, Intriguing Insights and Helpful Resources to Improve Presentation Results

On this page you’ll find tips to improve presentations. More importantly, you’ll gain insight into the depth and breadth of training that you and your team will receive from Superior Presentations training. Why would you except inferior training when you can learn how to Deliver Superior Presentations?

Don’t believe you will deliver a perfect presentation. Instead, prepare to deliver a successful presentation.

Success is moving people in the direction that you intended. If you moved them, it was a successful presentation.

Presentation skills tips
Presentation skills tips

Presentation Training Results

The purpose of training is to change or reinforce behaviours. Let’s identify the specific results that you want. Then we can address the relevant behaviours. The assessment starts with conversation and the use of the Presentation Skills Audit. 

Presentation opening
Presentation skills tips

Your Words Matter – maybe more than you realize. 

Pick the words that deliver your message clearly. Avoid vague words, distracting tangents and confusing references. If you were aware of words that sabotage your message, would you stop using them?

Presentation skills tips
Presentation skills tips words to avoid Stuff

How do you feel when you sit through a lecture?  

Guess what? Your audience doesn’t appreciate a lecture. If you want to connect with them, engage them with stories and relevance. 

When you want them to hear and remember your important message:

  • State, “This is important.” Then give your important message.
  • Pause, right before, and after, you say your main point.
  • Deepen the tone of your voice to increase “the weight” of your point.
  • Move immediately before – then stand still while delivering the key point.
  • Smile, because you look more confident when you smile.
  • Tell a story of how this lesson was learned or applied.
  • Repeat your main point during the presentation. You might state it three times.
  • Reinforce the words with images or emotion. It helps people remember the words.