Superior Presentations

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Superior Presentations Training for Professionals & Managers

Deliver your message to your staff, associates and upper management with greater success. Sell your ideas, lead your team and boost your career.

Program Highlights
In this workshop you will learn how to:

  • Overcome the dry mouth, nerves and adrenaline rush
  • Capture attention and establish rapport
  • Recover from mistakes, interruptions and memory lapses
  • Use props, visuals and multimedia to aid – not detract
  • Look and sound more both confident and credible
  • Handle questions with greater confidence
  • Deliver presentations that inform and persuade
  • Adapt your presentation to fit the time constraints

As a professional or manager, speaking is not your only responsibility. Yet it is an important one when it comes to conveying your message to the team, your staff or clients. Others will judge your professional abilities on your speaking abilities. It might not seem fair, but that’s the way it is. How can you dramatically improve your effectiveness as a speaker in the least amount of time? This program can help you make those advances that will boost the success of your career, team and organization.

presentation skills training for Bombardier

Your work with our Directors was just what we wanted and I appreciated that you used your extensive knowledge and skills in a coaching style delivery.

Carol Ford, Training and Development, Bombardier Aerospace

How to Deliver Superior Presentations

Every time you speak before a group you are competing for the attention, trust and acceptance of your audience. You need to deliver a superior presentation because inferior never wins.

Superior Presentations training programs are based on a systematic method of learning. The result is that you learn a repeatable, dependable and effective way of presenting to groups.

You will

  • Learn the key principles of communication and influence

  • Gain the techniques that enable you to put those principles into action

  • Discover tips and shortcuts to faster learning and effective speaking

  • Open your eyes to the costly myths and commons mistakes

  • Receive constructive feedback and answers to your questions

Benefits of Better Presentation Skills

  • You will be more effective

  • Both you and your audience will feel better

  • You will save your time with clearer thinking

  • Save or make more money from more successful presentations

  • Enhance your career or business because of superior leadership

There was an incredible improvement in their presentation style and in the impact they had on the audience.  I was impressed. They did very, very well – thanks to you and your training. I could see the results. It made me feel good about spending money on their presentation skills development.

Daniel Hudon, Director HR, Alcan

Program Highlights

Each program is adapted to meet the most pressing needs of your group. Most programs include some or all of the following presentation concerns.


  • How to feel less stressed and more confident
  • Techniques to convey more confidence
  • Transform your inside voice into your presentation buddy

Audience Results

  • Build trust and rapport
  • Be more persuasive
  • Achieve your desired results

Design & Structure

  • How to write your presentation faster
  • Clarify your purpose and focus on success
  • Select the appropriate structure, content and mix


  • How to speak so you are heard, understood and believed
  • Select and use the appropriate words and phrases
  • Self-sabotaging words and phrases to avoid


  • How to hold attention, establish rapport and emphasize key points
  • Better engage your audience
  • Use your best voice

Body Language

  • How to transmit passion, commitment and confidence
  • Be aware of the messages that your body might be sending
  • Avoid message conflicts and disconnects

Questions & Answers

  • Control the Q&A
  • Handle questions from your audience
  • Manage hostile questions and interruptions

Opening & Closing

  • How to grab attention and establish rapport with your opening
  • End with a more effective and memorable close


  • How to match the medium to the message
  • Coordinate the timing of multimedia
  • Present with flipcharts and props
  • Design better PowerPoint slides

Stories and Verbal Props

  • How to select, shape and deliver stories and anecdotes
  • Use quotations & metaphors smartly
  • Add and deliver appropriate humour


  • How to be better prepared
  • Adapt to changing time frames
  • Speak impromptu
  • Manage the room layout for best effect

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