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George Torok has worked with training organizations, academic institutions, professionals, community groups, associations, government and corporations.

Who are they and what did they say about working with George Torok?


I am happy to report that George's presentation was very well received and made an important contribution to a successful meeting. George delivered on all accounts and then some. I especially enjoyed his manner of engaging, informing and entertaining us. We laughed at his anecdotes, pondered his insights on communication and scribbled his presentation tips


Your work with our Directors was just what we wanted and I appreciated that fact that you used your extensive knowledge and skills in a coaching style delivery. Comments: “I loved the course! Absolutely brilliant. I am also glad that it was a small session and we received a lot of personal attention.” “The best presentation skills training I’ve been on. He was good and the course was well organized.”

canadian professional sales association

Your information was great! You gave delegates a fantastic presentation that presented solid training in a highly entertaining package. As one delegate raved, “This stuff was gold.”

dan lawrie insurance brokers

Thank you for another great presentation. I’ve heard you speak many times and you just keep getting better. My sales brokers were not only presented with excellent and useable material that they can apply in their daily work, but were also thoroughly entertained – what a rare combination.


George gave us a great example of how it’s done from opening to closing. 100% rated him as excellent. Great content – really helpful.


There was an incredible improvement in their presentation style and in the impact they had on the audience. I was impressed. They did very, very well – thanks to you and your training. I could see the results. It made me feel good about spending money on their presentation skills development.

mcmaster university

It was most enlightening to hear you speak to our business students at the DeGroote School of Business. You delivered that message so well with your captivating stories, clear insights and self-effacing humour. George, you did the best things that one can do for eager young minds. You engaged them, challenged them and showed them a path

the achievement centre

Thanks again for your outstanding presentation on presentation skills at our conference last week! Even though you were speaking to a room filled with seasoned trainers and speakers, you added immensely to their deeper understanding of how to give great presentations. It was like learning the secrets of success in presenting at a very high level. We look forward to doing more work with you in the future.

secrets of power presentations

I was very impressed with your style of presenting. You have command, yet still show warmth for your audience. George, you were outstanding!

Effective Executive speaking

Over 12 years, George Torok delivered this flagship training program for the Canadian Management Centre (CMC) in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. CMC was an affiliate of the American Management Association (AMA). This three-day program was an intensive presentation training and coaching workshop on effective executive presentation skills. During this time, George Torok trained and coached hundreds of executives, senior managers and professionals. What organizations did that include?

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