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Who is George Torok?

…and why can he help you?

George Torok is the creator and chief instructor of Superior Presentations. To learn more, read below.

Shy & Introverted Student

George Torok was a shy and introverted student who learned how to become a powerful public speaker. He struggled at times. That means that he  understands how your people might feel about their presentation challenges.

George wasn’t a natural public speaker. He learned the principles and developed the techniques of Superior Presenters. That means he can more effectively help your people develop their presentation skills because he follows and conveys a dependable system of effective communication.

George is not so shy now. ‌ He will engage and entertain while delivering effective and memorable training for your team.

Presentation Training

George has been professionally speaking and training for over 20 years. He’s trained thousands of individuals and coached hundreds of executives. He has worked with people across many industries including the private, public and non-profit sectors. That means he’s encountered a kaleidoscope of perspectives.

Effective Executive Speaking

George instructed this three-day program at the Canadian Management Centre in Toronto for 12 years. This was their flagship program. The participants included senior managers, professionals and executives. That means that he has extensive experience working with executives and senior management on their communication challenges.

Radio Show Host

As host of the weekly radio show, Business In Motion, for 19 years, George interviewed over 600 community and business leaders. He learned how to nurture engaging conversation. That means he knows how to ask good questions and listen.

He’s been featured in the main-stream media as an expert on communication and presentation skills. He’s appeared in print, on radio and TV. That means that he knows how to talk to the media.

Management Experience

George worked in corporate management for 20 years. He worked at junior, mid and senior management levels across several industries. He worked in sales, marketing and operations. That means that he experienced management, business and organizational issues first hand.

Business Students

George instructed hundreds of MBA students at DeGroote School of business to deliver effective business presentations. He’s also presented to MBA students and graduates at Queens University, Rotman School of Management and Schulich School of Business. That suggests real value appreciated by serious business students.


George has delivered workshops on Public Speaking skills to pre-teens and early teens for the Future ACES program for at least 13 years. He’s done that to help youth and to stay humble. (Speak to youth to stay humble as a presenter.)

World Traveler

By the age of 21, George had visited 29 countries on five continents. As a professional speaker, he’s addressed audiences on three continents. That means he appreciates and respects cultural differences.


Perhaps you wondered, “If George is so smart, Why hasn’t he published something?” That’s a good question. George is well published. His first book, “Secrets of Power Marketing” was a bestseller in the real world of bricks and mortar book sales.

He has contributed to at least 12 other print books. Naturally he’s published ebooks. He’s published over 600 articles in print and online. He’s posted over 2,000 blog posts. That means that you and your people will receive the best guidance and training to improve presentations.

George shares insightful content, practical tips and valuable advice.