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your intended message is the podcast about communication

How do we communicate with our team, our clients, our audience and with ourselves? And most importantly, where might we make mistakes and how can we correct and improve our communication success? What can we do to ensure that our Intended Message is received, understood and effective?

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Your Intended Message is the podcast about how you can boost your career and business success by honing your communication skills. We’ll examine the aspects of how we communicate one-to-one, one to few and one to many – plus that important conversation, one to self. In these interviews we will explore presentation skills, public speaking, conversation, persuasion, negotiation, sales conversations, marketing, team meetings, social media, branding, self talk and more.


Your host is George Torok. George is a specialist in communication skills, especially presentation. He’s fascinated by the links between communication and influencing behaviours. He delivers training and coaching programs to help leaders and promising professionals deliver the intended message for greater success. He hosted the radio show, Business in Motion for 19 years, interviewing over 600 guests.


Imagine what George can do to boost the communication skills of your team.