Superior Presentations for Engineers, Scientists & Technical Experts

How to speak so others listen, understand and act on your technical expertise.

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In this training program you will learn how to:


Be understood by non-technical audiences


Overcome the dry mouth, nerves and adrenaline rush


Establish rapport and capture & hold their attention


Deliver your information so it is clear and believed


Develop and deliver powerful stories that clarity your message


Use props, visuals and multimedia to reinforce your message


Open strong and close with authority


Handle questions more effectively without appearing defensive


Make your key points more memorable


Deliver presentations that inform and persuade


Start and end on time

and much more..

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Speak the language your audience understands. Find the common ground to be listened to, understood and believed. As an expert your message is important enough for you to ensure it is delivered in the most effective way possible. If the audience doesn’t understand you, you must change your delivery.

Give them the answers they need without boring them and killing them with techno-babble. Find helpful analogies and illustrations that clarify your message and remain memorable

Insights from technical leaders