Presentation Skills Training for Managers & Professionals

How to show-up and present as a promising leader every time

Do you want to:

Own the room and speak with leadership presence?

Think and speak clearly while deliver your key messages?

Feel and project more confidence when you speak?

In this workshop you will learn how to:

  • Command the room when you speak
  • Overcome the dry mouth, nerves and adrenaline rush
  • Capture attention and establish rapport
  • Recover from mistakes, interruptions and memory lapses
  • Use props, visuals and multimedia to aid – not detract
  • Look and sound more both confident and credible
  • Handle questions with greater confidence

  • Deliver presentations that inform and persuade

  • Adapt your presentation to fit the time constraints

  • Avoid the self-sabotaging mistakes

  • Express your expertise in a friendly way


and much more...

As a professional or manager, speaking is not your only responsibility. Yet is an important one when it comes to conveying your message to the team, your staff or clients.

Others will judge your professional abilities on your speaking abilities. It might not seem fair, but that’s the way it is. How can you dramatically improve your effectiveness as a speaker in the least amount of time? This program can help you make those advances that will boost the success of your career, team and organization.